PoleClinometer® Fit

The PoleClinometer slope meter is compatible with the vast majority of ski poles available today, but there are exceptions.  Here’s what to look for…


Your pole must be straight and uniform with little or no taper in the upper section of the shaft.



Your pole’s cross-section must be circular in the upper shaft area.



Almost all ski poles made are either 14mm, 16mm, or 18mm in upper shaft diameter, so that’s what a PoleClinometer kit fits out-of-the-box. Just buy it! If it doesn’t fit your diameter, we’ll send you what you need so it does. Specifically…

We now have solutions for non-standard shaft diameters: The XL for very large diameter poles, and the SIZER for very small or in-between size diameters. So PoleClinometer now fits ANY diameter ski pole!

But really, unless you have something ridiculously skinny (eg. Goode “pencil shaft” models) or monstrously huge (eg. Black Crows Furtis), all you’ll need is the standard kit. Want an accurate measurement just to be sure? Try this trick. Find out you need something special? Just contact us; we’ll get you sorted.

Unobstructed Upper Shaft Space

Your pole must have sufficient unobstructed space in the upper shaft area to attach the PoleClinometer sticker.


The minimum unobstructed vertical space needed depends on your upper shaft diameter:

  • 18mm diameter  →  75mm minimum vertical space
  • 16mm diameter  →  69mm minimum vertical space
  • 14mm diameter  →  60mm minimum vertical space

Many backcountry poles these days have extra features in the upper shaft area (such as extended grips for for side-hilling) that can sometimes get in the way of a PoleClinometer mount. Consider checking that you have room for PoleClinometer per the above dimensions. If you’re “close but not quite“, you can always trim the sticker vertically to fit, and just give up a bit of measurement range — I mean, how often do you really ski 10° or 60° slopes anyway?

* Check the get-it-on page for some tips on getting the protective sleeve in place if you want to install above some non-removable obstacle on your pole shaft.



the ski pole inclinometer sticker