How To Install Your PoleClinometer® Slope Meter

It’s a precision instrument!  Installation is easy, but shouldn’t be rushed.  Follow the above 2-minute video to get it on there right.

You’ll Need

  • a PoleClinometer kit
  • your ski pole
    (must be STRAIGHT and have a uniform CYLINDRICAL upper shaft)
  • a warm dry space to install it
    (don’t install in a cold garage or trailhead!)
  • optionally a drill and 3/16″ or 5mm drill bit
    (for DANG-A-LOOP bungee, per below)

Note:  If the the above video doesn’t seem to match the kit you have, then you might have an old “V1” PoleClinometer kit, in which case the old V1 installation instructions will get you going.


Here’s links to the web pages mentioned in the vid:

  • OFF-SIZE — if you find you have an odd-sized pole diameter
  • DANG-A-LOOP — per below
  • USE video — how to use your PoleClinometer slope meter

Optional:  Add a “DANG-A-LOOP”

Consider adding a DANG-A-LOOP bungee to your pole.  It’s included with your kit, and it’ll help ensure a precise dangle for the most accurate slope angle readings.  Extra bonus:  It’s a handy way to lash your poles together too!  Here’s how to install yours.


the ski pole inclinometer sticker