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Kit Contents

More than just a sticker!  Complete installation kit includes:

  • PoleClinometer Stickers
    (three sizes to fit all standard pole shaft diameters)
  • Alcohol Wipes
    (to clean your dirty ski pole before applying sticker)
  • Clear Protective Skin
    (ultra-durable heat-shrink over-wrap armor)
  • DANG-A-LOOP bungee
    (optional hang loop to ensure an accurate dangle)
  • Simple Instructions for Installation and Use

Spare Parts

Did you botch your heat-shrink install?  Or do you want an extra sleeve to use for one of the other size stickers that came with your kit?  You can now order replacement/extra protective heat-shrink sleeves:

PoleClinometer Protective Sleeve — $2/ea


the ski pole inclinometer sticker