Shrink It!

PoleClinometer®:  Shrink It!

Want some tips on heat-shrinking that protective sleeve over your PoleClinometer sticker?  You’re in the right place.  Here’s a rough cut video showing how to do it with a basic disposable lighter.

First, follow the rest of the installation instructions ’til you get to the “PROTECT” step.  When you’re ready to heat-shrink that sleeve in place, watch this…

If you have an 18mm pole shaft, you should have no trouble doing this with just a lighter.  With a smaller pole shaft, it can still be done, but it’s a little trickier, especially with the 14mm (shown in the video).  A heat gun makes things super easy with any size pole shaft.

If you find you can’t get the sleeve to snug down sufficiently using a lighter, seek out a friend or neighbor with a heat gun, use it on a low setting, and it’ll tighten right up in no time!



the ski pole inclinometer sticker