To help ensure the most accurate PoleClinometer® readings, consider adding a bungee loop (included with each PoleClinometer kit) to dangle your pole from, like so:


Extra bonus:  It makes for a slick and easy way to lash your poles together!

Remove Pole Straps First

You don’t use your pole straps in avalanche terrain anyway, right?  You’ll need to take ’em off to add your DANG-A-LOOP in most cases.  Here’s how to remove most Black Diamond pole straps:


For other brands of pole, strap removal works different ways, but it’s generally quite easy.  Often it’s just a screw you remove from the top of the grip.

Get Loopy


To add your DANG-A-LOOP, do something like this:

  1. Drill a hole.
  2. Feed the DANG-A-LOOP bungee through it.
  3. Tie an overhand knot.
  4. Trim the ends.
  5. Pull the bungee through to set the stopper knot.

Some tips:

  • Try to get the hole as close as possible to the center axis of the pole shaft.
  • A 3/16″ hole works well with our 1/8″ bungee.
  • Many poles already have a hole in the top, used for a screw to hold the pole strap on, and it’s usually right on the center axis of the pole shaft.  Use it!  You might just have to drill it a bit larger to fit your bungee.

Works on MOST Ski Poles

DANG-A-LOOP can be installed on the vast majority of alpine or backcountry ski poles.  Here are just a few examples that I have first-hand experience with:


But grip designs vary widely, so installing it might work somewhat differently on your pole, or might not work at all.  Got something funky you’d like some help with?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to see what I can do.

No Workie?  No Worry.

dangle-grip-photoIf adding a DANG-A-LOOP just won’t work with your pole, or if you don’t have the tools or the patience to install it, don’t worry about it!  You can still get perfectly accurate PoleClinometer measurements; just hold your pole loosely with two fingers from the top of the grip so it hangs freely, kinda like so:


the ski pole inclinometer sticker