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With PoleClinometer stuck to your ski pole its wickedly fast, easy and convenient to measure a slope angle. I probably measure 10x as many slope angles with my PoleClinometer than I did with my conventional inclinometer. It’s by far the lightest inclinometer on the market, and super easy to install. The accuracy is pretty impressive.”

— Arran Whiteford, from his detailed review on the Fresh Alpine blog

Incredibly convenient and accurate

The benefit of having this on your pole and not in your pack can’t be understated. I find myself actively assessing terrain much more frequently. I compared it to a BCA inclinometer, and they read the same. Definitely recommended. Can’t beat the price.”

— Anonymous, from a GarageGrownGear user review

Great ideas can be so simple sometimes

Very simple, amazing easy to use and useful! The inventor of the PoleClinometer should get some kind of award for this. I’ve bought several for friends as well. Settles lots of backcountry disputes without getting into my pack for my compass with Inclinometer—as easy as simply holding up your ski pole!”

— Willi P, from a GarageGrownGear user review

PoleClinometer should come on every single backcountry ski pole

Based on our comparison of the PoleClinometer in both down-slope and cross-slope readings, we trust it completely. It’s simple to use and provides accurate estimates of slope angle.”

— Gearhead Dave, from an Engearment product review

When 0.002 ounces can save your life

The PoleClinometer is another tool in your tool kit to help you stay safe in the backcountry. It’s accurate and easy to use.”

— Chris Jensen, from a GarageGrownGear Magazine product review

Great gadget

This is one of those things that occasionally comes along and you think “why did’t I think of this a long time ago” Judging slope angle, especially from above, can be tricky unless you have a lot of experience with it. Most people over estimate slope angle by 15º or 20º, sometimes even experienced people. I’ve seen this many times teaching avalanche courses to skiers. Even when I’m looking at a slope, I need to think about it for a bit. This little decal that you stick around a ski pole is very easy to use and takes all the guess-work out. Weighs nothing, works great, not expensive, what more can I say”

— Willi P, from a GarageGrownGear user review

“I use my PoleClinometer all the time. It’s handy because there’s no taking off gloves to find some tool in your pocket to measure the slope angle. It’s there on my pole to use quickly when I go into analysis mode on a slope where I am making a go/no go call. I hold my pole up and see how far into the Red I am then quickly take note and move on to the other things which take a longer time to determine.”

— tele.skier, from an EarnYourTurns forum post

“I’ve had one on my ski pole for a year now and it’s really useful when exploring new areas to get a quick estimate of slope angle.”

— adrenalated, from a TGR forum post

Low budget, lightweight ‘clinometer

For a quick estimate with an accuracy of 5°, more with practice, you can hardly beat the price, weight, or convenience.”

— Craig Dostie, from an EarnYourTurns article

Exactly what I was hoping for

Easy to use and super handy in the backcountry! It made me feel much more confident. I recommend it for anyone who needs one.”

— Julia, from a GarageGrownGear user review



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