PoleClinometer® SIZER Instructions

Here’s how to install your PoleClinometer SIZER.  There’s also a useful “calculator” (bottom of this page) that can help you determine how many SIZER stickers you’ll need (if any) for your particular pole.

SIZER Installation Instructions

Short version: Wrap your pole ’til it’s the right diameter!
Some worthwhile details below…


Cut a SIZER sticker out where indicated.
Start at the “A” lines (tallest) if you have enough vertical space on your pole shaft.
Start narrower/shorter (“B” lines, “C” lines, etc) if you need/want to, but maybe check the SIZER Calculator (bottom of this page) first to be sure you leave enough room for your sticker.


Wrap the whole SIZER sticker round your pole, starting with the edge with the arrows. LINE THAT EDGE UP STRAIGHT! Not going on straight? No problem. Just peel it off and try again.

PRO TIP: Remove just part of the sticker backing first, as you stick that initial edge down. Wrap the sticker gently to avoid stretching.


Check your built-up circumference by counting the lines round the outer wrap in your SIZER sticker.
Grid is 1mm (thin lines) and 10mm (thick lines).

~44mm Circ. — Use 14mm Diam. sticker
~50mm Circ. — Use 16mm Diam. sticker
~57mm Circ. — Use 18mm Diam. sticker

Got the new “XL” PoleClinometer kit?

~63mm Circ. — Use 20mm “XL” sticker
~71mm Circ. — Use 22.5mm “XL” sticker

If you’re within about 1mm of any one of these circumference measurements, you’re done wrapping; select the corresponding sticker size and skip to the INSTALL step below.


Need less diameter? Just unwrap some, trim where you need, and count circumference again.
Need more diameter? Wrap another SIZER sticker, starting with the next narrower trim lines (eg. trim at “B” lines if you started at “A”).

PRO TIP: Each wrap adds about 0.2mm in diameter, or about 0.6mm in circumference.

Want to get technical? Use the SIZER Calculator at the bottom of this page for a solid estimate of what you’ll need to fit your particular pole.


When you’re done “SIZER-ing”, just follow the regular installation instructions to install your PoleClinometer sticker.


Apply the protective sleeve per the regular instructions, EXCEPT…
Did you start with pencil-think poles? The heat-shrink sleeve won’t shrink down that small, so trim its length so it doesn’t extend much past your built-up SIZER diameter.

SIZER Calculator

Want a preview of what you’ll need to fit your model of pole? Measure your shaft diameter or circumference (consider this trick for extra precision) and enter your measurement here…

*NOTE:  The 20mm & 22.5mm sticker sizes are only available with the new “XL” PoleClinometer kit.  All other sticker sizes come with the standard PoleClinometer kit.


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