Are you a beta tester with a new PoleClinometer “2.0” prototype?  Here’s how to install it…


Wrap the included “wrap ruler” around your pole shaft to measure it. If the candy-stripe line lands within one of the green bands (14/16/18mm) representing the standard pole diameters, that’s the sticker size you need. If not, pick the one that’s closest.  Or if it’s way off, take a photo and contact us; we’ll send you a solution.*

Note that the orange bands represent the sizes covered by our XL kit.  Again, just contact us if you need an XL size. 


Pick the sticker that matches your measurement and peel it off. Try to avoid touching the clear section (to the right of the sticker) too much.


Line up the center of the sticker on the SIDE of your pole (left side is best if you’re right-handed) and press the center line firmly in place. Apply it pretty close under the grip if you can, and try to make sure it’s as vertical as possible.


Wrap the LEFT side of the sticker around the pole first and press it in place.


Start wrapping the right side round, but PAUSE half way to check alignment and fit.

Do the horizontal lines line up? If not, it’s not aligned quite right; just peel it off and try again.

Is there a big GAP or OVERLAP where the two halves meet? If it’s less than 1mm, you’re GTG. If it’s more, please contact us; we’ll send you a solution!*


Continue wrapping the clear part of the sticker all the way ’round your pole, and press it firmly in place. You’re done! Except for one optional (but highly recommended) step…


Add the included DANG-A-LOOP bungee to ensure the most precise dangle! Here’s how:


Go ski!

That’s it.  Now get out there and ski!  🙂

We think the install process is a HUGE improvement over “Version 1.0”, but everything else is exactly the same.  Watch the video on the use instructions page for some important tips.  Then get out there, have fun, be safe, and please let us know what YOU think of your new “PoleClinometer 2.0” prototype!

*NOTE:  The prototype sizing is just a bit off.  Specifically, we didn’t account for the additional sticker thickness in the design.  This means your “wrap-ruler” will read a bit large, and your sticker will be a bit small (i.e. you’ll likely have about 1.5mm or so “gap” on the back side of your sticker).  This is OK!  This won’t impact your measurement accuracy in any appreciable way.  But rest assured we’ll still correct the issue for the production units assuming we move ahead with this “2.0” design!

the ski pole inclinometer sticker